360 Degree Photography Turntable

Please note – this is an old video of the Crayfish 50 – the 2018 updated Crayfish 60
has many improvements and a weight limit of 130Kg. See photos below:


Our 360 turntable is designed to last and hand built in London, UK.  Our first C50 was installed at Office Shoes over 9 years ago.  This photography turntable has been rotating with no problems from day 1, it is used 7 hours a day, 5 days a week.   We now ship our machines all over the world, and can be delivered globally to your door within 3 – 5 days. We are a team of photographers and engineers, and have been in the 360 industry since 2000.  10 years ago we were shooting over 10,000 products a year, and were in need of a robust turntable that was simple to use, would never break, and would produce stunning imagery for our clients.   After extensive market research we decided to engineer our own 360 turntable according to our high standards.  As technology is constantly evolving, it made us create a system where software is not needed and it could trigger any camera on the market at any time. Speed is an important aspect, our system makes it possible to create great photography, in a fast pace and go live on the web in under 4 minutes.

Photography & Video Turntable

This is the Crayfish 60. It is designed to photograph and film products large and small, from 3 seat sofas to delicate jewellery.  The control box can adjust the speed and direction, number of frames from 1 to 999, turn continuously or pause on every frame.   As our engineers and photographers are all working together under one roof, each team can offer feedback and add features for improvements.  Below are some examples to show the flexibility of the Crayfish turntable:

Our hanging kit is designed to suspend products in the air. It has a weight limit of 25kg. Click on our gallery to see a selection of hanging objects, or rotate the rucksack below:


Our large scale disc is a very useful addition to the your 360 turntable.  This 1m disc allows for larger products and makes cropping your images easier. If your prefer to cut your own large disc you can download our CAD file here.
crayfish_50_with_platform_1024x1024 2

Our 360 turntables are extremely strong and can easily take the weight of huge platforms.  The large bearing distributes the weight, so it is not essential to have the load in the exact center.  The weight limit is 130KG. See our gallery for examples of furniture.

360-turntable-person-manikin_1024x1024 2

This product turntable was initially designed for people, but is ideal for every shooting kinds of products.  Some of our clients requested a stronger motor so their models could move around while filming.  We upgraded the bearings and motor, and we have achieved an even stronger platform that makes it possible to move freely on the turntable.

360 Software

This is an important part of Seabass 360 photography, there are many solutions out there, and our turntables can work with all of them. We have been testing everything available on the market since we began in 2000. We believe the best solution is Photoshop and Sirv.   360 Photography is very simple.  All you need is a turnable and a camera to produce a series of images.  As these images are large sized when coming straight from your camera,  cropping the photo is needed to down size the image.  360 software is basically cropping your photos down to web friendly size and number them 1 to 36.   All the clever stuff happens in the viewer which sits on a web server.   When a user clicks on a 360 online, the web viewer imports a series of  jpeg images and creates a spin.   So think of the viewer as the software stitching your images together in real time, and think of photoshop as a means to make your photos smaller and changing the colour and light levels.  This may sound complicated, but don’t worry, we have a 3 minute video on the next page showing the steps.  Read more on the Software page.

360 Turntables are Built to last 10+ years

Our products are deliberately over engineered,  they are not designed to last for just the 2 year warranty, but last a lifetime.  To achieve this goal we made the turntable as simple as possible. There is simply a motor, a belt, and a large geared pulley. The belt is steel reinforced from Germany, and a lever adjusts the tension.  We have been using the same belt for many years and it has not shown any signs of wear or stretching.   All our parts are available globally, and it would be very easy to replace components.   The belt drive helps with backlash from the motor, meaning it is much smoother than a direct drive as it minimizes vibrations. Many of our clients shoot video and work with 3D scanning, and this mechanism and smoothness gave them the solution they needed.

The Legs are turned from high grade solid aluminum –  this absorbs vibrations, and allows for a load capacity of 130kg.

clear disc

We offer many accessories that you can buy from our store. The transparent acrylic disc on high legs allows for cleaner backgrounds and lighting from underneath.



The brain of our turntable is connected via a long 5m cable which communicates to the table and the camera. Images are downloaded to the PC or Mac via USB from your DSLR of choice.  Over the years we have added more and more settings which allow for every conceivable option.  Below is a list of some of the main features.

  • Continuous turning, or rotating with pauses
  • 1 to 999 frames
  • Adjust the time of each pause – before the shutter and after shutter 00.001 – 59.000 seconds
  • Manual mode to rotate the object left and right to align your first frame
  • Acceleration
  • Speed from 0.1rpm to 3.0rpm
  • Direction
  • Pausing during a spin
  • Focus and Shutter
  • Rotation 45 degrees to 720 degrees

If our turntable does not have the setting you need – we can add this feature.  Please contact us before you buy.


We are a family run business, and source 98% of our parts from the UK.  We have a wealth of 360 knowledge that we want to share with you.  You are not just buying an exceptionally well made turntable, but free lifetime support and advise about all things 360.  Please email us if you require more information.


  • Weight – 20kg
  • Diameter – 495mm
  • Voltage – 24v DC
  • Voltage in – 110v to 250v
  • Plugs – UK EU US
  • Weight limit – 130Kg
  • Warranty – 2 Years


The price for our turntable is £1395.00 plus Vat – Buy Now

Shipping to UK is free
Shipping to US is £55  via UPS
Shipping to EU is £50 via UPS
No vat to pay outside of UK or EU if vat registered