Replacement White Disc Crayfish 60

Replacement White Disc Crayfish 60

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Crayfish 50 replacement white disc 

DANGER....DO NOT STAND ON COVER, it can slip and cause injury. 

Designed as a cover for the top of the turntable to hide the bolt holes. If the camera is lowered in line with the product it will create beautiful mirror reflections. The Crayfish 60 ships with a white and black disc, and makes cropping and retouching effortless.  Over time these will become scratched, but the scratches do not show on a white disc, and when using flash photography, the scratch lines will disappear. Scratches will become more visible on the black disc.  Each Disc has a tiny center mark engraved on one side, which allows for easy alignment of small objects. The disc arrives with protective plastic film on both sides. We recommend leaving one side covered for protection, simply remove it when you need a fresh surface. 




Material............White Acrylic Perspex 

Center mark.....1mm circle light engraved